How to Use – The Audio Board
  • How to Use

    The Audio Board is under constant improvement; some of the features may not be as smooth as you want. Some other features are yet to be implemented. However, we believe the current release provides a glimpse of the potentials this tool may possess. To use this website more effectively, here are some tips.

    • Register a Free Account – Only registered users with valid email address can save search results. Once a new listing matches your saved searches, The Audio Board sends you an alert through email, pretty much in real time, so you don’t miss the opportunities of great deal. The alert contains direct link to the for-sale listing, and a Reference Price according to our proprietary database. The reference price helps you to make the right purchase decision in the blink of an eye. Again, the reference prices only appear in email alerts, not on Homepage. You have to be a registered user to have access to those valuable data by emails, and registration is free of charge.
    • Keep logged in – Sometimes, the Search function behaves strangely and new listings do not show up, etc. Please login in with your email, and most the issues would disappear.
    • Homepage – The posts on homepage contain the essential information about the sale ads. The price shown is the asking price. A click on the listing brings you to the for-sale advertisement on original website where you can make purchases. Great deals only last for a very short period before they are snapped up and gone. The hard part is, we often don’t know if indeed the deal is good. That’s why you need to register an account with The Audio Board to receive instant “insider” data by Email Alerts.
    • Saved Searches and Email Alerts – The Audio Board will not send you anything, unless you ask for such services. You start with the Search form on Homepage, and save you searches. The Audio Board constantly matches a new listing against your Saved Searches, and send you email alerts once such match is found. You need to register using a valid email address in order to receive the valuable and timely alerts. Depending upon your searches, there may be many many hits and you are receiving lots of email alerts all the time. Sometimes, you need to narrow or widen your search in order to get the right targets. You may consider opening a dedicated email account just for receiving the email alerts so they do not get lost in many other emails. Again, the email alerts contain the same essential information about the specific items you may be waiting for. Just click open the sale ad directly from the email.
    • Accounts with marketplace – The time window to settle a great deal is very narrow. Our system helps you to identify the good deal, but you also need to have everything ready for the last mile delivery. That is, you better to have registered accounts ready with those marketplaces you may patrol, including eBay, Audiogon, Reverb, US Audio Mart etc. You should keep logged on all the time, and have your payment setup ready as well. So that you pull the trigger when other people are still scrambling to find the password.
    • Reference prices – The reference price refers to the model indicated. Be alert that once a while the system got confused and fetched the wrong brand/model. You need to always make sure the model is the correct one in the listing. Sometimes, the ad may include multiple items as a bundle. In those situations, the reference price is no good for obvious reason. The reference prices were gathered from public sources for previously sold items in a typical, average, used, functional condition. The accuracy of these reference price is generally good, but can be off for any particular brand/model/series. You need to call upon your experience and exercise your own judgement. Further, a non-functional item for repair dost not worth that kind of money. Not all listings have reference price ready/available. We are working on a more complete database. For those reference prices end in 99, the number are less reliable, and pending confirmation. Use them with caution.
    • Search form – We will enhance the search form capability soon. Before that, please use minimum keywords for general search. For example, use “amp” for “amplifier”, “preamp” for “preamplifier”, etc. The keyword “amp -McIntosh” is to search for all amplifiers excluding McIntosh. However, most other Boolean operators do not work for now.
    • Check your Spam folder often – Not receiving Email Alerts?. Sometimes your email server decided to classify the Email Alerts from The Audio Board as spam. You should go to your Spam folder and flag the emails from The Audio Board to be “Not Spam”. Even worse, your email server may also decide to reject those Email Alerts altogether. You then need to find the option “Contacts” on your email main page, and add “” to your contact list. Hopefully, your email server would listen to you and start taking in the emails from us. Further, your email server may change mind and start placing email alerts from us in Spam folder anytime as they wish. So, you should have the habit of checking your Spam folder once a while. A sure way to stop messages from The Audio Board being sent to Spam folder is shown below.
    • How to stop the emails from The Audio Board being sent to Spam folder? This brief guide is to show you the steps that stop the emails from The Audio Board being sent to Spam folder. We use Gmail as an example; other email systems may be similar. The method is to set up a filter with Gmail.

      Open Gmail. Click on Edit Labels on the left Menu.


      On top, click on Labels. In the box, enter something you can recongnize, for example, The Audio Board. And click Creat. A new label is created.


      On the top menu, click on Filters. Click on Creat a new Filter.


      4. In the popup box, type in after the prompt From, and click Next Step.


      5. On the next screen, check the box Apply to label, and use the pull-down menu to select the label you created earlier. In this example, we have The Audio Board. Select it. And click Creat Filter. Then click Create Filter.


      6. You will now see a new filter which will send the emails from The Audio Board to your Inbox with added label “The Audio Board”.