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  • About Us

    What does The Audio Board do?

    The Audio Board – Search Tool for Used High-End Audio Equipment. This site is built by a life-long audiophile, to serve the needs of anyone who enjoys owning and using audio equipment. The Audio Board saves you time and money. We scan popular, public websites for predominately used audiophile equipment listings, then build a centralized search index on our website for you to view. The following sites are scanned (in random order):

    • eBay
    • US Audio Mart
    • Reverb
    • Audiogon
    • eBay Canada
    • Canuck Audio Mart
    • eBay Great Britain
    • UK Audio Mart
    • eBay Germany
    • … and others to come soon!

    Only fixed-price sales are scanned in current release.

    Why should I use The Audio Board?

    Compared to visiting various websites directly, The Audio Board streamlines your browsing experience by summarizing the information you need, presented in a way that saves you time, whether you are looking for a specific piece or simply browsing for fun. We aim to provide the most rapid and powerful audiophile equipment hunting experience possible.

    So, what’s being summarized? We have image thumbnails, price, brand, model, model price estimates, and direct links to original sale posts. The sale information is made available on The Audio Board almost immediately after the original listing appears. Most importantly, registered users of The Audio Board can save customized search criteria to receive instant email alerts for equipment listings meeting whatever parameters they set. With The Audio Board, audiophiles gain the opportunity to “score big.”

    Just as importantly, this filters out less interesting, “non-audiophile” posts,  and older repeat listings, ultimately saving you time.

    Can I post my for-sale ad with The Audio Board?

    The Audio Board indexes listings from popular websites and posts on our page automatically. It does not have the provision for people to post for-sale advertisements. We recommend posting your for-sale listing on those websites listed above. Once your for-sale listing appears there, The Audio Board will pick it up within minutes and post automatically. Of course, if you price it right, you will have a wide pool of ready buyers waiting.

    How do I purchase from these private sales?

    The Audio Board helps bring private sellers and buyers together, and the transactions are entirely between the two parties. Both parties need to exercise caution and due diligence. There are unfortunately bad actors who sometimes take advantage of the trust within these communities. Because transactions are strictly between individual parties outside of the control of The Audio Board, we at The Audio Board are not responsible for any issues or damages incurred in the transactions.

    We recommend starting with less expensive items if you are new to this secondary market. It’s always important to do your homework and
    preferably purchase from very reputable power sellers (they are mostly private dealers) who have a lot of incentive to protect their hard earned reputation.

    Better ideas?

    Please send any ideas, comments, suggestions, or questions in emails to us at: info@theaudioboard.com. Please write from your registered email account.